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SurplusWale since is selling pre-adored and new extravagances, is 100% dedicated to be climate well-disposed brand. We at SurplusWale have willingly volunteered to make individuals mindful about purchasing “re-use” items and its effects on the climate.

Free Repairs forever

Each pair of Jeans accompanies a guarantee of free fixes. Regardless of when or where you got them. Our jeans are intended to be worn a ton. We utilize just top notch textures and the sewing is top class.

As we give the jeans, we additionally deal with them when they are torn. Simply wash your jeans and send them to us.

Whenever they are fixed and sewn, you have a refreshed variant of your number one jeans.

“Each pair of jeans, regardless of when you got them, accompanies a guarantee of free fixes”


To delay the life of jeans is significantly more practical than reusing. It tends to be finished by utilizing the jeans for quite a while, exchanging the jeans, reusing the texture to make something new, making patches for fixing or making-materials for new items.

At Surpluswale we do the entirety of this, all to lessen squander. We offer our clients 20% off another pair of jeans while submitting an old pair of Jeans. The jeans that we sell again in our Re-use range are washed and afterward fixed if necessary, and prepared to turn into another client’s number one sets.

Unsold & Faulty Garments

To minimize the volume of unsold products and deadstock, we need a controlled and responsible product flow, which is key to mitigate overproduction and overconsumption. This requires tailored logistics and technical solutions as well as meticulous product planning and the most accurate forecasting possible.

At the end of the season, unsold products are sold, primarily during sales periods.

Bags and Packaging

We care an incredible arrangement about assuming liability for the creation of our attire. We, thusly discover it similarly essential to think about how we bundle and appropriate our items to the client. All packs and blessing confines utilized our transportation locales are produced using reused paper.

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